booking and availability

*Tours start at $45.00 per paddler - For same day availability please call!


TOUR TIMES: (April-October)

• Wednesdays: 4p-5:30p
• Thursdays: 9a-10:30a & 11a-12:30p
• Saturdays: 9a-10:30a & 11a-12:30p
* For up-to-date availability please click "book now" above


• Sea kayak, paddle, PFD
• Wetsuits, paddling jackets, gloves - depending on water temperature
• Kayaking instruction and tips
• Nature and history tour
• Small group to guide ratio
• Lunch option available for the 11a-1230p tour

• Departure location from the beaches of Glensheen
• Children of all ages welcome ($40 - 10 and under)
* Weather FAQs
* Not sure what to bring? Packing list here.

* 2 person minimum group size per tour


Head out onto the vast waters of Lake Superior from the beautiful shore of Glensheen Mansion and see the estate from a completely new perspective! Spot the sunken breakwater and paddle up Tischer Creek nearly to the base of the house while you learn a bit about the natural and cultural history of the estate and area.  

We offer a 90 minutes tour on Wednesday evenings, Thursday, and Sunday mornings. When booking the tour you can choose your departure time so you can see a Lake Superior morning and Glensheen's wild inhabitants, or paddle in just in time to catch the evening concerts on the pier (July only).  For those who wish to tour the Mansion, a tour tickets are available for purchase at Glensheen ticket house. For scheduling within 12 hours of the desired departure time, you will need to call or email us for availability (you will not be able to book online). 



Completed in 1908 the Glensheen mansion was home to the influential Congdon family. The house is a sprawling 27,000 square feet with 39 rooms. It sits on 12 acres right on Lake Superior. The mansion cost the Congdon family $854,000 to build in the late 1900s, an equivalent of a whopping $22 million today. The house and historic tours are currently maintained and operated by the University of Minnesota Duluth. For more information check out the Glensheen website. University of Minnesota Duluth and Glensheen do not operate or have any responsibility for Day Tripper of Duluth’s kayak tours.