NORTH CANOE (Example Itinerary)

Location: Clyde Ave
Time:  10am-12pm
Activities: North Canoe


Explore the St. Louis River Estuary like the voyageurs! Paddle along the historic river and explore some uninhabited islands. Our canoe makes a great activity for a kids party to bachelor and bachelorette parties. With everyone in the same boat it's a great way to bond and celebrate!


Location: Brighton Beach
Time:  10am-2pm
Activities: Kayak, Bike

• Tours lasts 1.5 hours each (departing at 10AM, 1:00PM)
• Guests can sign-up for one or both tours
• Lunch at 12:30PM


This tour is perfect if you're wanting to learn about the natural and cultural history of the area as you pedal and paddle along the scenic shorelines of Duluth.


• Kayak Tour: Departing from the Brighton Beach shore. Your guide will take you along the scenic shoreline towards Duluth. You'll enjoy amazing views of the Duluth seaport, Canal Park, and the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge as learn about the natural & cultural history of Lake Superior and Duluth.

• Bike Tour: This tour takes you along the rocky shores of Brighton Beach & the banks of Amity Creek into Lester Park where you'll pedal amongst towering white pines. After catching a view of the rushing waterfalls from one of Lester's seven iconic bridges, you head back down to the "Big Lake" and cruise along the famous Lakewalk.

We offer a variety of tours that make perfect parties, team building sessions, or other events. With our large number of tour options we can design a custom event in any season for the occasion. Some of the most popular events are bachelorette/bachelor or kids parties in the big canoe, multi-sport events for camps (i.e. kayak and biking), or an family kayaking party! No previous experience is needed for any of our custom events or tours. Contact us to set up your event today!

Company Outings

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An outdoor adventure tour with Day Tripper of Duluth is the perfect way to bring your team together to celebrate company achievements, show appreciation, boost morale, bond with families, and get everyone together for a day of fun outside of the workplace. We offer affordable and customized group tour packages to show your employees how much their hard work and dedication are valued. On the day of the event, you can enjoy the day along with everyone else because we take care of everything from set-up to clean-up.


Pricing varies by group size, activity, and duration. Please contact us to set up a custom event today! 

Some of our most popular team building events are:

North Canoe - Our 10 person canoe is a great way to get them team out for an adventure on the water. No paddling experience of any kind is needed.

• Orienteering - A fun (and competitive) way to get people to work together. Think of orienteering as an adult scavenger hunt complete with a map an compass! 

Kayaking - We have lots of boats! Our largest tour to date was 40 "cockpits." 

We provide

Day Tripper of Duluth will plan and organize:
• Event permits
• Guided tours
• Gear rental
• Managing catered meal (organizing, pick-up, etc., cost is separate from tour costs)


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