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*Tours start at $54.00 per paddler - For same day availability please call!


TOUR TIMES: (April 1)
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• Monday April 1st
• Starting at 9a departing every hour
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• Kayak, PFD, paddle, wetsuit, and goggles
• Paddling instruction and tips
• Nature and history tour
• Guaranteed whale sighting
• Small group to guide ratio

• Departure location from Brighton Beach or Split Rock
• Recommend for all ages (tandem boats available)
* Weather FAQs
* Not sure what to bring? Packing list here.

* 2 person minimum group size per tour


Our tour will head out onto the vast waters of Lake Superior. There have been rumors of massive freshwater creatures living in Lake Superior since the Wisconsin Glaciation around 10,000 years ago. Since the early days of the voyageurs and sailing ships mariners have spoken about these huge creatures around campfires and in dark alleys. Most people don't even know they exist, much less ever get a chance to see them. However, we have perfected our secret mix of dead coho salmon, wolf urine, and cedar roasted porcupine quills that is almost guaranteed to bring these glorious creatures up from the cold dark depths of the world's largest lake to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience! 

Sightings so far this year have been in the Brighton Beach and Split Rock areas. Let us know your preference when booking. This year we are excited to announce a guaranteed whale sighting, if you don’t see a whale during your 60 minute paddle you can opt to stay out until one is found!

If we are really fortunate this year, we may even be able to watch a bigfoot hunting whales from the remaining ice floes!


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